These Scrumptious Cookies Are Made With Pinoy Pride!

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There are loads of cookies out there but very few tell of a bigger story.

Manila Cookie Story’s beautiful and vibrant packaging is a feast for the eyes, but it’s more than just colorful tin cans and decorative boxes. Manila Cookie Story also tells a delicious narrative–the stories of Filipino pride and heritage.

The sugar cookies itself are shaped like the sun, to represent the eight rays of the golden sun found on the Philippine flag. The cookies come in four different flavors: butter, coffee, chocolate, and queso de bola–flavors which are close to the hearts of Filipinos.

The plain Butter cookies only use premium butter and is a perfect match with coffee or tea. The Coffee (Kapeng Barako, specifically) is a proudly local coffee known for its smooth blend of strong and sweet flavors. For most Filipinos, a cup of barako—paired with your favorite pastry or a plate of sinangag, is the perfect way to kickstart the day.

Have a taste of Christmas wherever you are with their Queso de Bola cookies. This ball of holiday cheese gets a scrumptious upgrade (yes, it’s possible!) when you combine it with the sugary dough. The Chocolate Chip (tsokolate) is a treat we’ve known since our childhood, and its simplicity is what makes it irresistible and timeless. Manila Cookie Story proudly sources from a local chocolate confectionery: Risa Chocolate. The chocolate comes from South Cotabato and has natural notes of caramel, tropical fruits which complements the buttery cookies.

All of these scrumptious cookies are packaged in vibrant jeepney-shaped tins, star-shaped tin cans, and decorative boxes inspired by the Philippines design elements (Barong, Inabel, Yakan, t'nalak, Gaddang, Banig, and the Philippine jeepney) and the various festivals around the country (Ati-atihan, Kaamulan, Parol festivals).

Manila Cookie Story's cookies will be available in key retail outlets in Metro Manila very soon. For the meantime, you can visit Manila Cookie Story’s official website to place your orders!

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