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Philippine Cookies

Pasalubong is a souvenir gift which visitors of the Philippines buy during their stay in the country to give to friends and family back home.

At Manila Cookie Story, every pasalubong package is crafted with love. Our recipes and designs are inspired by all things Filipino - the flavors, destinations, culture, and artistry.

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  • Manila Cookie Story Inc

Inside every box, you will find our cookies - our scrumptous take on local ingredients - and charming stories on the Philippines. This makes Manila Cookie Story not just a delectable treat but a delightful narrative on the Philippines as well.

To share with the world the heritage of the Philippines one delicious bite at a time

Manila Cookie Story Inc

Our Recipes and Designs

Philippine Cookies

With more than 7,000 islands, more than 100 million people and thousands of years of history, the Philippines has a lot of interesting stories to tell. The people behind Manila Cookie Story hope you enjoy getting to know more about our fascinating country.

Our cookies are made with much loved Philippine ingredients such as Kape Barako, Queso De Bola, and South Cotabato Chocolate and with every cultural tidbit we share with our customers, we hope that they discover more about what makes the Philippines such a beautiful and memorable place.

Our cookie boxes are inspired by various Philippine festivals like the Dinagyang, Kaamulan, Parol festivals and unique Philippine design elements from the Barong, Inabel, Yakan, t'nalak, Gaddang, Banig and the Philippine jeepney.

Our Philosophy

Philippine Cookies

  • We believe that the world should have a taste of what makes the Philippines special.

    Rich in culture and cuisine from over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is worth showcasing and tasting.

  • We believe that we can go global by loving local.

    Our recipe for success is GLOCAL. Global flair + Local heritage. The result is a flavor that is both remarkably premium and warmly Filipino.

  • We believe that a pasalubong is not just a pasalubong.

    Depicted in clean lines and in brown and gold tones, our take on the jeepney makes a sleeker turn, which evokes the premium quality we aim to uphold.

Proudly baked and designed in the Philippines with loyal customers in the Philippines and visitors from all over the world.

For scrumptious Philippine Cookies, Souvenirs, or Customized Corporate Gifts, Contact Manila Cookie Story Inc Today!